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Connie Smith & Flynn

Photo of Flynn

I am a long time bird lover and have wanted to have a macaw of my own. I debated on whether to buy from a bird store or adopt. I wondered how hard the adoption process would be for an out of state adoption. I was also concerned about the birds health and temperaments since they needed to be rescued in the first place.

I found WAR through a Google search. I filled out the adoption application and mailed in the $20.00 application fee. I heard back from them a couple of days later. Alex Stanley and the Ace Hardware store volunteers introduced me to the birds and held my hand through the whole adoption process. What a wonderful group of people! They genuinely care about the birds. Thank you Alex Stanley, Cherry Boles, Donna Byrd, and Christina Morehead!

I am now the proud owner and mom of a beautiful blue and gold macaw named Flynn. I originally was looking for a green wing macaw but Flynn turned out to be a great fit for me. Thank you so much for all you do at WAR!


Connie Smith & Flynn

Connie Williams & Topper

Wyoming Avian Rescue…. When I started thinking about getting another Bird, of course the Internet was the place to go. I found several scams … Oh the stories they offered and they would happily take your money. But I continued searching for a Bird in Wyoming. I found WAR, which is based in Riverton, and after reading about the organization it seemed to be a safe place to find a nice Bird to adopt. Actually, I had no idea that there was a a bird rescue in Wyoming. The application process was straight forward and soon I was in contact with the group. We traveled to Riverton and visited a number of Birds that were available for adoption, and I wanted to take them all home. I had no idea that there were Birds that needed a loving-forever home. WAR works hard to find the right parronts for each Bird. We were lucky to be introduced to “Topper” a 10 yr old Amazon parrot. Topper visited our home several times to make sure that we were right for each other. We don’t really know much about Toppers previous life, but he chatters all day long and often entertains us with song – he’s very talented. He is happy when the grandkids come to visit & then he really fills the house with song-he loves music. He’s been with us for about 5 months and each day he becomes more comfortable with his newly adopted parronts and home. There are many stories I could share about Topper but am sure you can tell we love Topper… He’s a treasure! And I’m so thankful to WAR for all the help they have given me about being a mother Amazon. It’s been great meeting & becoming friends with such a great group of folks. Thank You WAR.

Michelle Chiesa

I have to share this! So as everyone probably knows, we recent purchased a parrot named Jasper. We had talked about getting Jasper a friend or just another in general because these are the most amazing creatures I have ever encountered. Someone suggested, with the time we have, to do a rescue/adoptions because there are so many of these beautiful birds in need of loving homes. So we did some research thinking that there was no way in hell that there was anything within a 5 state radius of Montana, and ultimately we would have to purchase again. Well we were wrong. We found an organization called Wyoming Avian Rescue or WAR… not going to lie they are selective on their adoptions which is GREAT means they have the best interest of the birds in mind. However, if you love these birds, they are 100% worth it.. every minute. I am SO proud to say that tonight we did an in home inspection (Via facebook video) and we passed. The bird we are interested in is a Macaw named Yogi.. Many pictures to come but if all works out we are taking a road trip to meet our new family member! Thank you Alex Stanley and all the volunteers! We are so excited!

Yogi's new flock

Hi guys! Alex asked me to write up a testimony about our experience and adoption of Yogi. So here goes. We are very new to the bird world. Our experience with these wonderful birds is limited. After a purchase of an African Grey, we decided that we would like another bird of some sorts.

Of course we did like so many others do, and we started looking for purchase. At some point, it was suggested to us that we adopt. Thinking that this was a dead end due to our location, I was thrilled to find that there was an avian rescue as close as Wyoming. We contacted WAR as we had some questions. We were very interested in a macaw and they had 3 beautiful birds up for adoption. For me, Yogi just stood out. I still can’t explain it to this day.

The volunteers were very excited. Yogi was their first rescue and he had been with them for a year. Along with the excitement, there was some concern. Never about us, or our love for these birds, but about Yogi. Yogi is a bit, high strung, to say the least. We, of course, were not as experienced with big birds. So we decide to make the drive from Billings, MT to Riverton, WY. We are nervous. We are driving to a place we haven’t been, to meet people we don’t know, to see if Yogi was a good fit for us. I just have to say that all the volunteers made this a really positive experience for us.

Photo of Yogi


We arrived to warm, friendly people who were more then helpful. They introduced us to Yogi, along with the other birds they had for adoption. Instantly all our worries and fears were put to rest. They allowed us to take some alone time with Yogi to ensure that we were 100% positive that he was the bird for us. Once we gave the go ahead that this is what we wanted, they made things so simple and easy. We signed what we needed to sign and we were on our way. Since we have adopted Yogi, they still remain in constant contact with us via facebook. We post updates on Yogi almost daily, along with videos and pictures. They really care about these birds. They love them, care for them, bond with them, and then say their goodbyes as they depart for their forever homes. We are very proud to be Yogi’s parents. Yogi has found his forever home, thanks to the folks at WAR. Sincerely,

Michelle, Nick, and Yogi