Pre-Adoption Checklist

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We want to be certain that our birds are going to be entering their forever homes? They have been through enough stress in their lives. Please make sure to do some research (if you have not done so already) on the financial and physical investments you will need to undergo in adopting the bird you are interested in. Please understand that if any of the information obtained in the adoption application is in any way found to be false, the application will be refused! Make sure to answer ALL questions in the application, to the best of your ability. Incomplete applications will be refused! Are you aware that parrots have a normal urge to chew wood, buttons, jewelry, furniture, molding and any other thing that may get in the way of their potentially destructive beaks??? All parrots have the capability of talking, but not all will talk. Some birds will scream in very loud pitches, continuously. They may just need attention, food or love. They may also have behavioral habits that could be hard to break. They also like to have out of cage time on a perch or something similar. You will be required to provide the following:

  • Cage appropriate size for bird, (usually will come with the bird)
  • Food / Water cups usually come with cage o Perches, one usually comes with cage
  • Toys and Foraging toys (These keep the bird occupied)
  • Paper or crushed walnuts for bottom of cage
  • Food we recommend RoudyBush, Zupreem, Harrisons pellets, and/or high quality seed mix
  • Fresh water daily (Bottled water preferred, NO fluoride water)
  • Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. daily o Avian Light (This helps with plucking and calms the bird)
  • Avian Heater (These can be left on all the time and the bird can use when needed)
  • (Recommended) Humidifier – (These cut down on the dander or powder from the birds)
  • Mist showers or regular showers frequently (Very important for feathers, itching etc)
  • (Recommended) Wing trim or flight harness if taken outside.
  • Toe nail trims (when needed) o Beak trim (when needed)
  • (Recommended) Stand Alone Perch
  • Cage cleaner

You are welcome to ask us any questions or concerns with your bird. We would love to help you. Also if you like Facebook, Parrots 101 is a great site to get help and answers. If you are interested in adopting please complete the Adoption Application.