Foster Application

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Foster Application

Contact Information

Household Information

How many people living in your household?


Employment Information

Misc. Information


Legal Stuff

By signing this application, you agree that the bird must remain in your custody. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to care for this bird, it MUST be returned to Wyoming Avian Rescue.

No refunds of fees will be returned

You agree to provide Wyoming Avian Rescue of any changes of address and/or phone number.

You agree that Wyoming Avian Rescue may check references, verify employment and housing prior to the foster process.

You also agree to allow a representative of Wyoming Avian Rescue into your home for a preliminary foster check and follow foster checks on this bird.

You understand that if at any time this bird is found to be given improper care, that it will be removed from the home by the representative performing the home visit and that you will need to provide appropriate improvements before the bird be returned if decided by a committee of Wyoming Avian Rescue.

Any and all birds currently in the home MUST be tested and found negative for Chlamydia, Polyoma, and PBFD. Any bird/s added to the home after they have a W.A.R. foster/adopted bird MUST be tested and found negative before bringing into home. The 30 day quarantine applies to all birds that have not been previously quarantined.

W.A.R. birds are screened for Chlamydia, Polyoma, and PBFD and quarantined prior to being available for adoption/Foster. There are several diseases we do not screen for that the bird could be positive for without exhibiting signs and appear healthy. It is suggested that you keep separate from any personal birds. If you wish to take to the vet for further testing, war will not be held financially responsible with these extra charges. W.A.R. will not be held responsible if you do not practice this quarantine of keeping your birds separate from the foster/adopted bird and you accept all liability.

The courts of Wyoming, Fremont County will have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising under or in connection with this Agreement.

I understand that by entering my Name, date, and email below serves as my electronic signature and is legally binding.

I accept the terms laid out herein.