Fighting for our Feathered Friends

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Our Mission:

The Mission of Wyoming Avian Rescue (WAR) is to locate, rescue, rehabilitate and re-home exotic breeds of Parrots. Several of the ways WAR accomplishes this mission is through the education of the public, owners, and others intimately involved in bird ownership, as well as fostering and rehabilitating birds that have been relinquished by owners and other family members. It is through these efforts that WAR seeks to locate, rescue, rehabilitate and finally re-home, in forever homes, these exotic companions.

Our Vision

Vision Statement Coming Soon!

Our Philosophy

Wyoming Avian Rescue is a nonprofit 501c3 designed to rescue, rehabilitate, educate and re-home parrots in need. So what does a bird in need look like? This is where an opinion of what is considered a rescue can defer among people and rescues alike.

Wyoming Avian Rescue (WAR) was born when a group of individuals watched a Moluccan Cockatoo go from home to home to home. We watched as he was re-listed on the same classified site 3 times in one year. We had also seen him listed two years before that. So in total this bird was re-homed four times in a three year span. He went from a beautiful perfectly feathered Moluccan to a tattered and plucked mess. His diet was incorrect, his cage too small, and there was lack of toys. His last home was actually very loving and they did everything right but only had him less than a month before they realized they were deathly allergic to him, and the cycle started again.

We couldn’t watch him go through anymore homes!!! We needed to stop the cycle!!! We needed to find out what the problem was and help fix it. Cherry Boles then PURCHASED him for $500.00 and brought him here to her store, the Riverton ACE. With his new diet, attention, baths, and out of cages time he thrived. We noticed a few behavioral issues such as biting, plucking, and screaming and realized we needed to do something, not after the bird was on its death bed, but before it reached that point. That if we could rescue the parrot and rehabilitate behavior or illness issues and Educate people how to care for them, we could potentially save a parrot from years of heartache and even death.
I know this doesn’t sound like cookie cutter rescue you all may imagine. So sometimes we get a lot of HEAT for it. But this was why WAR was born.
WAR does not support breeding of birds. All birds re-homed to individuals are forbidden to breed any birds they have adopted from us. If we find the parrot is used for breeding and/or profit, we reserve the right to confiscate the parrot back without remuneration. We also encourage all people to adopt rather than purchase a baby parrot. There are so many in need and without homes and the number keeps on growing.

Does that mean we won’t associate with those that have and will purchase a baby bird? No! We believe that all of us should work together and not against each other to resolve our growing parrot crisis. Education is the key here!!! WAR believes that boycotting breeders and/or people who buy parrots WILL NOT and HAS NOT solved our parrot crisis. We believe that it needs to be fought on a legislative level. That there needs to be restrictions and guidelines in place before one can breed or buy an exotic parrot.

What will those guidelines be? How about a licence in order to breed with an annual fee? How about a limit on the number of parrots that can be bred per person per year? How about required licence to own an exotic parrot with a required educational course prior to ownership? There are so many things that would actually HELP cut down on the number of rehomed parrots. I would love to see other rescues working together to make this happen!!!

How does WAR work? WAR board members and volunteers receive no compensation. Your time and money is your donation to WAR. All our rescued birds are provided health screening/testing, a proper sized cage without rust and hazards, toys, and food. Our foster homes provide toys, food, and love as part of their donation to help the parrots. If they are unable to provide this or have several fosters WAR will help in any way possible. We have found this success with all but one volunteer. All our current foster parents are amazingly awesome on this regard and WAR does everything they can to support our foster families so that they can continue to provide the best care possible for our birds.

How does pricing parrots work? We receive many parrots that are surrendered but have some that are purchased for various reasons such as owner illnesses, to prevent breeding, too small a cage or a rusted/paint chipped cage, no toys, wrong diet, multiple homes, behavioral issues, etc. and most of the time the parrot will have all or just a few of the listed problems. What we pay for the bird has nothing to do with how much the parrots adoption fee will be. Whether we pay $100 or $800 the parrot will be listed at the same fee a surrendered parrot is listed for.
They are all rescues in our eyes, whether surrendered willingly or by paying their “ransom” fee to get them in the right home.

WAR members and volunteers also dedicate weekends and long hours helping put on fundraisers, traveling to rescue birds, and taking care of these precious souls till they can find their new family. It is another job without compensation and sometime can be very draining and taxing.

Furthermore, the members, volunteers, foster homes, and governing board for Wyoming Avian Rescue LLC. is not above the process, no bird is adopted to any individual without going through the entire process from application to paying the adoption donation for any specific bird. At no time is any individual allowed to use his/her influence to obtain a bird without going through this process.

All money raised is used to support the cost associated with the care and maintenance of the birds. Neither Board Members or volunteers are paid for their time. We have had very good success with our organization so far, but we couldn’t have done it without the support of the public and the blood, sweat and tears of our members. Members in general or governing board members do not receive any special treatment and there is no priority given to them, all applications are processed in the order received.

We are still learning the finer details of running a rescue. So, we ask that people be patient and understanding as we recognize our weaknesses and work on fixing those problems. Just because we have strong will, determination, and dedication it doesn’t mean that we know all the ins and outs of running a nonprofit; remember we started with a small group and a desire to help and none of us had any experience in what we were setting out to build. Our goal is to ultimately open a sanctuary locally that will be able to house birds that are not adoptable and will provide a place to house birds that are still looking for their “forever family”. We are also working to create an entire educational unit that can be used to educate the public about these great birds and their special needs. We always welcome those that would love to dedicate their extra time to help us reach our goals. We welcome your comments and suggestions and are always looking for areas that we need to improve in!